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Happiest feeling!!

For the most part as we get older we simply forget. We forget the happiness and the wonder we had as a child. We thankfully don’t remember about the stresses we have ahead of us as a child. Things like pre-school, K-12 school, college, jobs, love, life and even the immediate girl coodies/boy coodies!! I happened to be doing some travelling recently and was pleasantly reminded how beautiful a child’s smile was as they were looking at their parent, the child was no more than 2 and had the biggest glow in their eyes. Totally fixated on their parents face. It was as if the child was about to let the parent know some deep thought about the troubles within the world economy and how it might make a good doctoral thesis. No that didn’t happen, what did happen was the child looked at their parent closed their eyes and leaned into the parent kissed them on the cheek and proceeded to fall asleep. What really dug into me was the simple expression of happiness on the child eyes. Just that feeling of being held and loved, the child knew there was no immediate danger, the despair of coodies were still a few years away yet. So why this post? See, that child reminded me of how my now 12 year old quickly grew up. Yes I know I still have a long way to go and the teen years are still coming, so shut it. My point to all this old man rambling is to get us to think back to when your child looked at you with the same wonderment and smiles at you if to say just to say thanks for loving me. For any parent, go root through and old album or iPhoto album for those parents younger than me and find those precious pictures of your child asleep on you and if you don’t have any take some, of course this is awkward if you child is a teenager or in their twenties but ask if you must. Put that picture on your desk, fridge or phone, yes even my mother at 69 years old has an iPhone 5 so you can do it too. Whenever you need a pick me up look at that picture and maybe it will brighten your day, well except for those coodies!!

Cheers everyone


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